Bay Leaf

Bay leaf is one of the well-recognized culinary spice which has been used since ancient times in food because of its aromatic, distinct flavor and fragrance. It is an evergreen shrub.Bay leaves give us a pleasing and sweet aroma when added to the recipes. Wilted and dried leaves indeed are strongly aromatic and can be stored for months.

Product Specifications
  • * Color: Green
  • * Odour and Aroma- Characteristic
  • * Size: 2.55- 6.5 cm in Length & 1.2- 2.2 cm in Breadth
Health Benefits
  • * Good for Digestion
  • * Insect Repellent
  • * Relieves Pain
  • * Treatment for Cold and Infection
  • * Treatment of Nosebleed
  • * Useful for Diabetics

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