Betel Leaves

A very attractive spice. All the Indian households will definitely witness its presence in their daily life. It is used in every important occasion viz. Our prayers, as a quick home remedies, for welcoming our guests and in all our ceremonies. Betel leaf is called vetrilai in Tamil. This remedy has been long used as a local medicine for treating sinus headaches and proves to be quite effective. . Chewing betel leaf also is a tradition that has been followed for thousands of years in India.

Product Specifications
  • * Evergreen and Perennial Creeper
  • * Heart- Shaped or Ovate leaves.
Health Benefits
  • * Cures constipation
  • * Improves digestion
  • * Prevents carcinogenesis in the oral cavity
  • * Relieves headache
  • * Treats diabetes- cough
  • * Treats gastric ulcers

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